Roof Cleaning London

Roof Cleaning London

Getting your roof cleaned in London

Cleaning your roof improves the whole appearance of your property because nothing says neglect more than a roof that is dirty or covered in moss. Sadly this is a common issue for all householders and whether you live in Greenwich, down in Lambeth or along the Thames in Richmond, the state of your roof is largely determined by the climate and other local factors such as pollution.

Your roof receives the brunt of all the weather, including those cold east winds that are a feature of living in London   and therefore moss, algae and lichen can easily grow unrestrained on your roof especially in times of wet weather.  

Dirty London Roof

Although surface dirt is usually washed off by the rain, you can’t rely on nature to do this job for you. And of course rain adds to the problem by encouraging moss and algae to grow.

Cleaning your London roof removes all plant growth and algae and will bring the original colour back to your roof, making it look like new. In addition roof cleaning protects your roof because it prevents the damage that can be caused by moss. In the UK moss is especially prevalent and this can damage roof tiles and cause them to crack in cold weather.

Can you clean your London roof yourself?

Cleaning your roof yourself is not advisable. This is a specialised job which needs specialised professional tools in order to carry it out successfully. A professional roof cleaning service will be able to work at ground level in most cases using professional water fed extendable poles. The usual method is to soft wash or low pressure wash but some companies in London offer steam cleaning as well.

You should never attempt to clean your roof yourself with a high pressure washer. Although these can be great for removing moss, they can cause serious damage to roof tiles, shingle and cement and you will probably find that although your roof now looks clean, it will be in need of repair.

Cleaning your roof in London

If you live in London, help is at hand. There are a range of professional roof cleaning services in the county who offer a fantastic service at a fair price.

 A reputable professional company will come to your home and be able to provide the best service for your needs across the county from Chelmsford and Colchester right to the outskirts of east London such as Hornchurch and Upminster.

Use a London roof cleaning company

Beware of doorstep callers. This is a particular problem in London and these type of cowboy  conmen will not only damage your roof by using a high powered pressure washer , they will probably charge a lot of money for it too.

It is important to only use a reputable roof cleaning company who can offer you a full professional service including cleaning the roof and applying treatments such as a biocide wash to kill off any algae as well as a protective sealant to keep your roof looking good for years to come.

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