Roof and Gutter Cleaning in Gray’s

Gray’s is a small Essex town just outside of the M25 corridor and situated on the banks of the Thames. There is a beach and although you can’t swim in the river, Gray’s Beach is a pleasant open area that hosts art and music events from time to time.  There is also easy access to some great shopping areas including Lakeside only a mile away and there are plenty of other amenities too.

Once you get to know the area you will discover a surprising amount of green space and parkland. The Chafford Gorge is a beautiful nature reserve housed in a disused chalk pit and if you venture out of Gray’s you can visit the iconic and historic Tilbury Fort and Coal House Fort – a magnificent old fort on the side of the Thames and a haven for wildlife.

The Royal Opera house uses Purfleet as its base for costume making and design and often holds live screen cultural events within the grounds.

Gray’s and the surrounding Thurrock area are full of local historical interest. Most people moved to Gray’s and Thurrock to work in nearby Tilbury Docks and in the many industries that are situated in the area.

Today a new demographic is continuing this trend by moving out of London to take advantage of cheaper house prices and a more open and greener aspect than can be found within central London. For commuters Gray’s is a good location as it only takes around 20 minutes to get into central London and the station is part of the Oyster card network.

If you are a homeowner in Gray’s or Thurrock it is important to consider home maintenance. Roof cleaning and gutter cleaning is always important because it not only makes any property look smart and in good condition, it ensures that your home will not become damp.

Damage from guttering is one of the major causes of household water damage and because this area is known for cold winters, moss and algae on roofs can cause damage to roof tiles. If moss freezes it can crack roof tiles leading to costly repairs. 

Having your Grays roof and gutters cleaned professionally is not a big undertaking and it is not expensive. A local professional company will be able to carry out both jobs in one home visit.  Because they use professional and powerful cleaning equipment, this can usually be carried out from ground level, using water fed poles.

Cleaning your gutters and roof yourself is not a viable option. It could lead to damage if you decide to get out the pressure washer and do it yourself. In addition, this is a dirty job that is best left to the professionals.

Once your Grays roof has been cleaned, a professional roof cleaning service will be able to offer you biocide treatment – that kills off moss or algae and other treatments that provide protection for the years to come.