Roof Cleaning Cleaning in Wells – Somerset

Roof and cleaning in Wells Somerset

Wells is a city but with only around 10,000 inhabitants it is one of the smallest cities in Britain – second only in terms of size to the City of London. If you are interested in history and mediaeval architecture, Wells is the place to visit and a great place to live. In fact you can’t mention Wells without referring to history because it is all around you in every direction you look!

The most notable building is the magnificent cathedral which was built in 1176 although work continued for the next 300 year. However much of the architecture in Wells dates back at least 800 years.

As well as the gothic cathedral, there are some fantastic monuments to visit. The Bishops Palace which includes walled gardens, a moat and a croquet lawn dates from the 1400s.  There is a complete mediaeval street, the Vicars Close is of similar vintage and the whole town abounds with beautiful buildings, tiny streets and even a market place which has been in operation over the last 800 years.

Originally Wells was part of a Roman settlement and became an important Anglo Saxon town when King Ine of Wessex founded the original church in 704. The town gets its name from natural springs, now in the grounds of the Cathedral and shows up in the Domesday Book as Welle.  Wells was the centre of the bishopric of Wells but this was changed to Bath and Wells when the bishop moved down the road to Bath in 1245.

Today Wells is very popular with visitors and is often used by film makers too especially in historical adaptations. Wolf Hall, Poldark and the 2006 comedy classic Hot Fuzz were all filmed here. The natural landscape is equally stunning. The nearby Mendip Hills are designated an area of outstanding natural beauty and the area is also home to the iconic Wookey Hole caves.

If you live in Wells you will probably be no stranger to receiving plenty of summer visitors but this does not mean you can forget about day-to-day jobs. One important household maintenance task is roof cleaning in Wells. This is important for preserving and protecting the structure of your home.

 According to household insurers damaged or block guttering is one of the leading causes of water damage. And when it comes to cleaning your roof in Wells, removing any moss or algae not only improves the external appearance of your property, it improves heat absorption and minimises dampness.

You should never attempt to clean your own roof in Wells or gutter. These jobs require the use of specialised equipment that can clean effectively without damaging the structure.

The good news is that there are plenty of roof and gutter cleaning services in the Wells area of Somerset who are experienced in cleaning all types of property from the modern to the mediaeval.

Roof and gutter cleaning is not expensive and in most cases both jobs can be carried out in the same visit with the minimum disruption. Try Local Roof and Gutter Cleaning Services.